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Club courses and club meets 

Club courses and club meets normally take place at Ailefroide, a tiny summer-only village in the centre of the Ecrins National Park. This is France’s second alpine centre and is a superb location for all types of climbing with a somewhat quieter aspect than Chamonix. The road ends above Ailefroide, at nearly 2000 metres, which gives easy access to the mountains. There is also plenty of cragging to do in the valley on a rest day.

Murray’s primary aim for groups coming to the area is to have a good meet in the Alps and to improve both individual and group skills without the high costs of other regions.

Flexibility is the keynote of Murray’s organisation. He provides a number of one-day modules, which can be tailored according to the skills, knowledge, experience and preferences of the group or of the individuals within it. Clients can choose any number or combination of modules and would be free to develop the schedule of the days’ activities with him.

If preferred, Murray can also offer a full guided experience. He is also pleased to support groups and clubs with the organisation of their visit by liaising with the relevant people and organisations here in France.

The modules

Prices shown are per person in the group per day

The Ecrins

Glacier Day

  • Equipment requirements
  • Skills in crampon and axe work
  • Route finding skills
  • Knowledge about glaciers
  • Roping up techniques
  • Crevasse rescue techniques and practice
  • Prices: 58€ for 6 or 7 (7 max); 75€ for 4 or 5 (4 min)

Rock Ridge

  • Route planning
  • Approach skills
  • Techniques on rock
  • Skills of moving together
  • Descent skills on mixed ground
  • Prices: 85€ for 4 (4max); 115€ for 3 (3 min)

Harder Rock Ridge

  • Route planning
  • Techniques - rather more refined
  • Moving together - getting slick but staying safe
  • Descent skills including abseiling and down-climbing
  • Prices: 95€ for 4 (4 max); 125€ for 3; 150€ for 2 (2 min)
Pic Dibona

Mixed Summit

  • Route planning
  • Ropework of all styles
  • Crampon work on rock
  • Keeping up a pace to meet normal times
  • All types of descent skills depending on route
  • Prices: 85€ for 4 (4max); 115€ for 3 (3 min)

Snow /Ice Route

  • Route planning conditions
  • Knowledge of risks and route condition
  • Equipment
  • Climbing skills
  • Roping up for glacier and the route
  • Descending steep glacier - ropework and cramponwork
  • Prices: 130€ for 3 (3 max); 160€ for 2 (2 min)

Multipitch Rock

  • Equipment
  • Finding the route
  • Climbing ropework
  • Stance organisation
  • Descents - downclimbing and abseil
  • Prices: 85€ for 4 (4 max); 100€ for 3 (3min)

Please note: For any activity and for groups above the minimum number, Murray's hut fees are included in the prices quoted. All arrangements should be made via the club meet secretary.