Murray Hamilton

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Murray Hamilton - Fees

The following table and notes detail all information about fees, costs and other arrangements.

All prices are in euros €

5 Day Course Fee per person 5 Day Course Fee per person for 2 people booking Daily Fee per person Daily Fee per person for 2 people booking Daily Fee for each extra person
Rock Climbing 600(*1) 550(*) 300 150 50
Ice Climbing 880(*2) 810(*2) 330 170 N/A
Alpine rock and Alpinism 860(*2) 800(*2) 330 160 On application
Ski Touring 550(*3) 600(*3) 330 170 40
Off Piste Skiing 550(*3) 500(*3) 330 170 40

*1    Maximum of 4, minimum of 3, people

*2    Maximum of 2 people

*3    Maximum of 6 people, minimum of 4 people


Please note that this table shows the course/day fee only. These fees are exclusive of food, accommodation, transport to or from the area or within the area itself, expenses on the mountain (huts, télépheriques etc.) and equipment purchase or hire.


Clients are reminded that they are responsible for insurance against both accident and rescue, subsequent hospitalisation if necessary, and cancellation. The British Mountaineering Council or Snowcard websites are helpful in this respect.

Please consult the detailed planner for specific dates of Murray's availability.